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Expert Tutoring in Primary  and Secondary Mathematics

Year 1 to Year 10

Having maths knowledge is no guarantee that a person can teach it. Passing along knowledge and developing higher-order thinking require different skills.

Understanding children’s psychology, cognitive development, diagnosing learning gaps accurately and choosing the right teaching strategies are critical in helping students maximise their potential in Mathematics.

We offer small group tutoring to help students improve their learning and performance in Primary and Secondary Mathematics.

At Future High Achievers, we adopt the best teaching strategies from Singapore and Australia.





Working with partners from UK and Australia who have been in the education industry for more than 20 years, we offer an online adaptive assessment using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to adjust dynamically to each child’s unique responses. We will provide a report after the completion of the test. This test can be taken at any time of the year. Students who are enrolled into our tutoring program will be able to complete the test for free at the end of each term. 

For students in Singapore, we will provide a report mapped to the Singapore Mathematics syllabus. Please send us an email at info@futurehighachievers.com.au to register for the assessment or view sample pages of a report.


The programs offered by Future High Achievers have been designed in consultation with Syed Fareed who is an experienced and qualified Head of Mathematics from Singapore. He is a (fully) registered teacher with the Victoria Institute of Teaching (VIT).

He started teaching in Singapore in 2006 and taught for 11 years, leading the Mathematics Department for 9 years. He initiated several programs to improve the students’ learning of maths concepts, problem-solving strategies and promote higher-order thinking. Syed participated in an exchange program with several schools in the UK sharing his Mathematics initiatives with them. He completed the ‘Management and Leadership in Schools’ program in 2014. Syed moved to Melbourne in 2018 and is currently a curriculum leader in an independent school in Victoria. He has extensive classroom experience working with students of different age groups. He is also a member of the Mathematical Association of Victoria.

Syed is very passionate about helping students improve their performance in Mathematics and build a solid foundation using the best teaching strategies from Singapore and Australia.

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